.: Andrew Stibbard :.

Andrew Stibbard Skills and Qualifications

Andrew has been designing and building websites since 1993,
starting in high school and moving into commercial work a few years later.
His services are subcontracted by A Place Online.

Qualities which Andrew can bring to your site include:

  • 20 years experience with the web
  • Spectrum of skills, including logo design
  • Extensive knowledge of browsers
  • Strong usability & accessibility focus
  • Single contact for design & features
  • Fast turnaround from concept to launch
  • Proven & reliable support

Alongside design, my major focuses are on usability and accessibility - creating standards-compliant sites that look great on multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 1.0+, Opera 8+ and Safari, while working just as well with screen-reading software and accessibility tools.

Here is a link to his portfolio: