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Paul Young - Skills and Qualifications

Paul Young has skills in a broad number of areas.

He has been a freelance journalist, proof reader and copywriter.

His qualifications include:

  • Information Technology:
    • Certificate 2 in General IT
    • Certificate 3 in General IT
    • Certificate 4 in General IT
    • Certificate 4 in Web Design
    • Diploma in General IT
    • Diploma in Systems Administration
    • Diploma in Web Design
  • Certificate 4 in Small Business Management
  • Certificate 3 in Microbusiness
  • Certificate 4 in Assessment and Workplace Training and has taught Certificate 2 in IT

His primary roles in A Place Online are that of business owner, project manager, client liaison and office manager.

He has worked as a manager at a tourist hotel, butchery, homeless hostel, post office, supermarket, and with an investment property firm.

He has owned and run two businesses:

  • Naturescope - horticultural artistry
  • Omegatrend mlm

He also has skills in the areas of:

  • HTML4 / HTML5
  • CSS2 / CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

One of his more recent websites is: